quarta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2011

Jo Jones and Milt Hinton – Percussions and Bass 1960

Jo Jones perc. & Milt Hinton bass

1. Tam 2:02

2. Me And You 2:25

3. Coffee Dan 2:52

4. The Love Nest 4:34

5. H.O.T. (Helen Of Troy) 3:13
6. Shoes On The Ruffs 2:52

7. The Walls Fall 2:35

8. Blue Skies 2:33

9. Late In The Evening 2:21

10. Ocho Puertas 2:55
11. Tin Top Alley Blues 3:01

12. Little Honey 2:34



Jo Jones and Milt Hinton were two musicians who could raise the level of playing in any rhythm section they were a part of this historical curiosity, originally recorded for Everest, featues just the two of them exploring the rhythmic possibilities within a dozen numbers. Jones’ brushwork is matchless as usual, while Hinton’s considerable technique is also apparent. The highlight of this rather brief date is “The Walls Fall,” a fascinating reworking of the old spiritual “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho.” While the playing time is brief at just 34 minutes, it’s great to hear two masters at work.

Thanks to Raz - Jazz Is My Life :-)

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