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Kickstarter Campaign for "Mingus On Mingus": a project documentary

Kickstarter Campaign for "Mingus On Mingus": a project documentary

Orangethenblue starts a Campaign to raise funds for filming a Charles Mingus documentary directed by his grandson Kevin Ellington Mingus. For more information go to Kickstarter Campaign for "Mingus On Mingus" to contribute. They even are open for suggestions and any help is important to keep the project moving forward. The goal is to raise $45,000 in 40 days until 18 dec.
To find more info about the documentary go to www.orangethenblue.com

"A grandson’s journey through the lore and legends of jazz history to find his grandfather, Charles Mingus he never knew
... . ...
There are many perspectives of my grandfather that have not had a place in defining his legacy…
I am seeking them out to understand him beyond myth, fable or a singular vision of his work.
We have begun to create a platform where we can use the ideals of jazz in the art of making a film"
~ Kevin Ellington Mingus

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