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Warne Marsh & Red Mitchell - The Duo (1980)

Warne Marsh & Red Mitchell - The Duo (1980)
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Label: Camarillo Music

Warne Marsh (tenor sax)
Red Mitchell (bass)

Track List:
01. It's You Or No One (J.Styne-S.Cahn) 5:16
02. Gone With The Wind (A.Wrubel-H.Magidson) 5:52
03. Everything Happens To Me (M.Dennis-T.Adair) 6:24
04. Cherokee (R.Noble) 5:49
05. Sippin' At Bells (C.Parker) 5:56
06. Easy Living (R.Rainger-L.Robin) 6:59
07. These Foolish Things (J.Strachey-H.Link-H.Marvell) 5:21
08. Topsy (E.Durham-E.Battle) 4:41
Play Time 46:18

Recorded live at Sweet Basil club, New York City, 5 June 1980

This album offers moments captured by a tape recorder when two giants of improvised music performed one night in 1980 in a New York City club. The occasion was one of thousands of casual encounters among jazz musicians who may not often play together but who share common values and knowledge. When Such chance collaborations work as well as this one did, they can inspire and illuminate. With Mitchell and Marsh both now gone, this segment of a night's work together is a valuable reminder of the importance of two artists who enriched jazz and gave enormous pleasure to listeners who recognize the real thing.
(Doug Ramsey)


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