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Scott LaFaro - Pieces of Jade 1960

Don Friedman, piano
Scott LaFaro, bass
Pete LaRoca, drums
NYC, 1961
1. I Hear A Rhapsody
2. Sacre Bleu
3. Green Dolphin Street
4. Sacre Bleu (alt)
5. Woody'n You
Bill Evans, piano
Scott LaFaro, bass
6. My Foolish Heart (Rehearsal Tape Bill Evans & Scott LaFaro 1960)
7. Interview With Bill Evans by George Klabin 1966
Don Friedman, piano
NYC, 1985
8. Memories For Scotty

Resonance Records HCD 2005

thanx to Dr.Jellyfish

Scott LaFaro video clips

Deep in a Dream
You Are My Lucky Star -- vocal
Until the Real Thing Comes Along -- vocal

Chart of My Heart
[blues exit music with running credits]

Note: LaFaro solos briefly on 'Chart of My Heart'.

Richie Kamuca Quintet with Ruth Price [Video recording] Los Angeles: KABC studios, 7 April 1958.
1 videocassette of 1 (VHS format) 1/2 inch ; 30 min. run time ; sound ; black and white.
This video cassette is a copy of an unknown source, possibly another video cassette.
(Stars of Jazz (1956-1958) [series] Program # 14).

Running credits:
Peter Robinson, executive producer
Jimmie Baker, producer
Hap Weyman, director
Gene Lukowski, technical director
Vince Cilurzo, lighting
Chuck Lewis, audio
Noble Moore, video
Jack Denton, camera
Sal Folino, camera
George Smith, art director
Roger L. Monson, background projectionist
Bob Arbogast, annotations

Richie Kamuca, tenor saxophone and leader
Frank Rosolino, trombone
Scott LaFaro, bass
Victor Feldman, piano
Stan Levey, drums
Ruth Price, vocals

credits : Dr.Jellyfish

Scott LaFaro

Scott LaFaro 1936-1961
@wikipedia @allaboutjazz

Sunday At The Village Vanguard, 1961

Santa Monica Civic Auditorium with the Stan Kenton Orchestra, 6 Mar 1959

credits : Dr.Jellyfish

The Alchemy Of Scott LaFaro (1995)

Scott LaFaro - The Alchemy Of Scott LaFaro (1995) [1959-1961]
FLAC 417mb [tracks] no EAC, CUE | MP3 320kbps 168mb | Covers, Info | Play Time 1:14:05
Label: Sarabandas SRL | 1995

Freddie Hubbard, Art Pepper, Don Cherry, Eric Dolphy, Ornette Coleman, Bill Evans, Eddie Costa, Victor Feldman, Ed Blackwell, Charlie Haden, Gunther Schuller, Mel Lewis, Paul Motian, Marty Paich, Mel Lewis, George Duvivier, Jimmy Giufrfre, Jim Hall... Scott LaFaro's mastery of his chosen instrument began after his 1954 graduation from high school. Although he played bass only six years, LaFaro remains a beacon for jazz bassists.

01. Too Close For Comfort (Bock-Weiss)
02. I've Never Been In Love Before (Loesser) 04:15
03. Time Remembered (Evans) 06:24
04. Jade Vision (take one) (LaFaro) 04:08
05. Variants On A Theme Of Thelonious Monk (Criss Cross) (Monk) 15:25
06. C. & D. (Coleman) 13:11
07. First Take (Coleman) 17:04
08. The Alchemy Of Scott LaFaro (Coleman) 09:50

:: The Alchemy Of Scott LaFaro ::

p = AVAX

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Chromatic semitones table

Chromatic semitones table


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Beyond The Missouri Sky . 1996

mp3 | 320 | 85+81 Mb

Waltz For Ruth
Our Spanish Love Song
Message to a Friend
Two For the Road
First Song
Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, The
Precious Jewel, The
He's Gone Away
Moon Song, The
Tears of Rain
Cinema Paradiso (Love Theme)
Cinema Paradiso: Main Theme

Charlie Haden . bass
Pat Metheny . acoustic & electric guitars, various instruments

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The Missouri Sky Duets 2003

Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny
Burghausen, Germany 2003, Wackerhalle
Internationale Jazzwoche Burghausen

Track Listing
01. North to South, East to West
02. Song For the Boys
03. Improvisation on the Picasso Guitar
04. Waltz For Ruth
05. Our Spanish Love Song
06. First Song
07. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
08. Message to a Friend
09. The Precious Jewel
10. Two For the Road
11. Farmer's Trust
12. Blues For Pat
13. Cinema Paradiso

Pat Metheny, guitars, 42-string guitar
Charlie Haden, acoustic bass

:: The Missouri Sky Duets ::
part1 .:. part2

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The Missouri Sky Duets 2002

Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny
“The Missouri Sky Duets”

North Sea Jazz Festival
Nederlands Congres Centrum, PWA Zaal
The Hague, Holanda , 13 de Julio de 2002.


Last Train Home (Pat Metheny)
Into The Dream (Pat Metheny)
Waltz For Ruth (Charlie Haden)
Our Spanish Love Song (Charlie Haden)
First Song (Charlie Haden)
The Moons Is A Harsh Mistress (Jim Webb)
Message To A Friend (Pat Metheny)
The Precious Jewel (Roy Acuff)
Farmer’s Trust (Pat Metheny)
Two For The Road (Henry Mancini)
Charlie’s remarks
Blues For Pat (Charlie Haden)
Lonely Woman (Horace Silver)

Pat Metheny - Guitars
Charlie Haden - double-bass

Password : zonadejazz

The Missouri Sky Duets 2003

Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden »Missouri Sky Duets«
recorded live on May 4th, 2003
at the Off Beat Festival, Basel, Switzerland

In February 1997 Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny, both Missouri natives and best friends, joined forces for Beyond the Missouri Sky, a mostly acoustic duet album. All of the tunes were recorded as duets for acoustic bass and guitar, and on roughly half of the tunes, Metheny overdubbed some "orchestral" backgrounds on synclavier or an additional acoustic guitar part. But these additions simply add texture and shading, and do not overplay the primary voices of the bass and guitar.

In 2005 the two musicians embarked on a "Missouri Sky Duets" tour of Europe and beyond where they performed songs from their album at a number of festivals and other concert venues. This FM recording is from the performance at the Off Beat Festival in Basel, Switzerland.

1. The Moon is a harsh Mistress
2. Message to a Friend
3. The precious Jewel
4. The Calling
5. Two for the Road
6. Farmer's Trust
7. Blues for Pat

Pat Metheny - guitars
Charlie Haden - double-bass

FM recording -> FLAC | ~133 + 91 MB
:: The Missouri Sky Duets ::
see comments

The Missouri Sky Duets 2009

Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny

33 Festival de Jazz de Vitoria-Gasteiz
Polideportivo Mendizorrotza, Vitoria, España
15 de Julio de 2009


Pikasso Solo
Waltz for Ruth
First Song
Message To A Friend
Pat Talks
Soul Cowboy
Blue In Green

* the list may contain some error
Pat Metheny
acustic, electric sint guitars, 42 strings Pikasso guitar
Charlie Haden

:: The Missouri Sky Duets ::

Password : zonadejazz

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A Comprehensive Chord Tone System for Mastering the Bass

Jeff Berlin - A Comprehensive Chord Tone System for Mastering the Bass

PDF Only - 54pag. - Multi-Mirror - 3MB

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Somewhere Along The Way . 1996

Buster Williams Quintet - Somewhere Along The Way . 1996

Buster Williams (bass)
Gary Bartz (soprano & alto saxophones)
Stefon Harris (vibraphone)
Carlos McKinney (piano)
Lenny White (drums)

1. Pop Dog
2. All of You
3. Somewhere Along the Way
4. Epistrophy
5. Song For Sensei
6. Sommertime
7. Song For Thaddeus
8. Where's That Rainbow

recorded November 1996
by Rudy Van Gelder in Englewood Cliffs NJ
Swiss TCB label 97602

As it says on the Cd
"thanks to Nestle Coffee Specialities SA for their support
espresso by nespresso Nestle"
what it takes to get a record issued!

:: Somewhere Along The Way :: @256


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East Coasting (1957)

1. Memories Of You
2. East Coasting
3. West Coast Ghost
4. Celia
5. Conversation
6. Fifty-First Street Blues
7. East Coasting (Alternate Take 3)
8. Memories Of You (Alternate Take 3)

Recorded in New York, New York in August 1957

Charles Mingus - bass
Bill Evans - piano
Jimmy Knepper - trombone
Dannie Richmond - drums
Shafi Hadi - alto & tenor saxophones
Clarence Shaw - trumpet

:: East Coasting ::

Jazz, My Romance (1994)

Ron Carter "Jazz, My Romance" (1994)

1. Blues For D.P. (R.Carter) 10:01
2. My Romance (R.Rodgers) 7:18
3. Airgin (S.Rollins) 6:39
4. Quiet Times (R.Carter) 4:56
5. Summertime (Gershwin-Heyward) 8:22
6. I Fall in Love Too Easily (Cahn-Styne) 6:21
7. For Toddlers Only (R.Carter) 4:37
8. Sweet Lorraine (Paris-Burwell)

Recording Date: January 4-5, 1994

Ron Carter - bass
Herb Ellis - guitar
Kenny Barron - piano

| Part1 | Part2 |

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Thnks to Jazzy62

1st Bassman 1961

Paul Chambers - 1st Bassman 1961
1997 Issue B.M

As a lead instrument in jazz, the acoustic bass was in many ways liberated by Paul Chambers, and paved the way for many others to follow. Though Pops Foster, Jimmy Blanton and Ray Brown also deserve credit, Chambers was allowed to put his bass on top, become a leader in his own right, and play lead melodies with a clear, ringing, well enunciated tone. 1st Bassman is anchored by rising stars from Detroit such as Yusef Lateef, Curtis Fuller, and adopted (from Pittsburgh) car city resident Chambers, with trumpeter Tommy Turrentine, pianist Wynton Kelly, and drummer Lex Humphries evenly balancing the session. Interestingly enough, it was recorded not in New York or the Motor City, but Chicago. Lateef wrote all of the material, save for Cannonball Adderley's slow jam "Who's Blues?" which was included only on the CD re-release. The emphasis on the compositions of Lateef all display a spare construct, rearing the horns to a marginal level except for solos, allowing Chambers to take care of business and control the shaping of the melodies, with little unison play involved. The small horn inserts of "Melody" give sway to the big bass strut of Chambers, with solos from Turrentine's stoic trumpet, Lateef's advanced tenor, and Fuller's wanton but mushy trombone included. "Bass Region" is even more spare, a one note horn punctuation setting up lengthy solos. The slightly dour post-bopper "Retrogress" gives Kelly's piano his due diligence, "Mopp Shoe Blues" completely offers Chambers his freedom to work out, and the ballad "Blessed" features the arco bowed bass of the leader in a mournful mood, brightened up by the effervescent and hopeful flute of the brilliant Lateef. This CD and its companion piece Go complement the preceding Blue Note sessions, comprising a small but potent body of work that few bassists have produced in modern jazz. If you are a student or lover of jazz bass, the complete Paul Chambers Vee Jay sessions, of which this is one, belongs in your home.
By Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide.

Paul Chambers - Bass
Yusef Lateef - Tenor Sax
Lex Humphries - Drums
Curtis Fuller - Trombone
Wynton Kelly - Piano
Tommy Turrentine - Trumpet

01. Melody (Lateef) 4:11
02. Bass Region (Lateef) 10:38
03. Retrogress (Lateef) 3:33
04. Mopp Shoe Blues (Lateef) 6:08
05. Blessed (Lateef) 7:07
06. Who's Blues (Adderley) 8:26

:: 1st Bassman ::

Hommage : Once Upon A Time . 1990

01 Cream (Prologue) (P.Mikkelborg) 3:32
02 Tango Jalousie (J.Gode) 9:07
03 Lullabye-Bye (P.Mikkelborg) 7:55
04 Spørge-Jørgen (K.Rosenberg) 3:56
05 Det Haver Så Nyeligen (Traditional) 3:50
06 Lost in the Stars (K.Weill) 5:25
07 J.P. (Pedersen-Bach) 3:05
08 That Old Black Magic (Arlen-Mercer) 5:13
09 September Song (Epilogue) (K.Weill) 3:20

Recorded in Copenhagen, on August 17, 1990

Palle Mikkelborg - trumpet, flugelhorn, keyboards, piano
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen - bass
Lennart Gruvstedt - drums
Mehmet Ozan - percussion
Ole Kock Hansen - keyboards (2)
Thomas Clausen - keyboards (6)
Helen Davies - harp
Jan Kohlin - trumpet
Palle Bolvig - trumpet

:: Hommage : Once Upon A Time :: Part 1 .:. Part 2

The Sound of Summer Running (1997)

Marc Johnson: bass

Bill Frisell: electric and acoustic guitars

Pat Metheny: electric and acoustic guitars, 43-string Pikasso guitar

Joey Baron: drums, tambourine

01. Faith in You (5:53)
02. Ghost Town (5:35)
03. Summer Running (5:55)
04. With my Boots On (4:24
05. Union Pacific (5:29)
06. Porch Swing (4:11)
07. Dingy-Dongy Day (3:51)

08. The Adventures of Max and Ben (6:07)
09. In A Quiet Place (5:17)

10. For A Thousand Years (6:28)

:: The Sound of Summer Running :: @320 kBit/s

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Toto Bona Lokua (2004)

Richard Bona (vocals, acoustic guitar, bouzouki, keyboards, percussion, background vocals); Lokua Kanza (vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, background vocals);
Gerald Toto (whistling, acoustic guitar, background vocals)

Recording information: Calm Studio, Paris, France (12/02/2003-12/24/2003)

1. Ghana Blues
2. Kwalelo
3. Lamuka
4. L'Endormie
5. Flutes
6. The Front
7. Naye
8. Help Me
9. Stesuff
10. Where I Came From
11. Seven Beats
12. Lisanga

:: Toto Bona Lokua ::

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Charles Mingus : Changes 1974

Charles Mingus : Bass
George Adams : Tenor sax
Jack Walrath : Trumpet
Don Pullen : Piano
Dannie Richmond : Drums

Jackie Paris : guest Vocalist
Marcus Belgrave : Trumpet

Recorded at Atlantic Recording Studios, New York, on December 27, 28, & 30, 1974
Originally released on Atlantic (1677-1678 , 1975)

Changes One
1. Remember Rockefeller at Attica

2. Sue's Changes

3. Devil Blues

4. Duke Ellington's Sound of Love
Changes Two
1. Free Cell Block F, 'Tis Nazi U.S.A. (LP Version)

2. Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress, Then Silk Blue (LP Version)
3. Black Bats And Poles (LP Version)

4. Duke Ellington's Sound Of Love (LP Version) (for Changes Two)
5. For Harry Carney (LP Version)

Montmartre Blues [1960]

01 - Montmarte Blues
02 - Back In Paradise
03 - Why Not? That's What!
04 - Willow Weep For Me
05 - My Little Cello
06 - Straight Ahead
07 - Two Little Pearls
08 - Blue Brothers
09 - There Will Never Be Another You
10 - Laverne Walk

Oscar Pettiford - bass
Jan Johansson - piano
Louis Hjulmand - vibraphone
Allan Botschinsky - trumpet

:: Montmartre Blues :: @224