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Jazz, My Romance (1994)

Ron Carter "Jazz, My Romance" (1994)

1. Blues For D.P. (R.Carter) 10:01
2. My Romance (R.Rodgers) 7:18
3. Airgin (S.Rollins) 6:39
4. Quiet Times (R.Carter) 4:56
5. Summertime (Gershwin-Heyward) 8:22
6. I Fall in Love Too Easily (Cahn-Styne) 6:21
7. For Toddlers Only (R.Carter) 4:37
8. Sweet Lorraine (Paris-Burwell)

Recording Date: January 4-5, 1994

Ron Carter - bass
Herb Ellis - guitar
Kenny Barron - piano

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  1. dl

    Password: jazzy62

  2. You shouldn't have posted my album without asking first. This is really sad.

  3. That's not your album, it's Ron Carter's album
    you should be glad

  4. 7oregons2tomates, duly note that you are a thief, and everyone knows about this now. Everyone who matters, that is.
    And as for your anonymous guy above, it is clear he is a halfwit...hopefully your ordinary readers will see you for what you are.

  5. Hi Jazzy62
    I am sorry and excuse me if i have bother you
    it was not my intention
    So, I apologize and ... anyway Thank you