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Scott LaFaro video clips

Deep in a Dream
You Are My Lucky Star -- vocal
Until the Real Thing Comes Along -- vocal

Chart of My Heart
[blues exit music with running credits]

Note: LaFaro solos briefly on 'Chart of My Heart'.

Richie Kamuca Quintet with Ruth Price [Video recording] Los Angeles: KABC studios, 7 April 1958.
1 videocassette of 1 (VHS format) 1/2 inch ; 30 min. run time ; sound ; black and white.
This video cassette is a copy of an unknown source, possibly another video cassette.
(Stars of Jazz (1956-1958) [series] Program # 14).

Running credits:
Peter Robinson, executive producer
Jimmie Baker, producer
Hap Weyman, director
Gene Lukowski, technical director
Vince Cilurzo, lighting
Chuck Lewis, audio
Noble Moore, video
Jack Denton, camera
Sal Folino, camera
George Smith, art director
Roger L. Monson, background projectionist
Bob Arbogast, annotations

Richie Kamuca, tenor saxophone and leader
Frank Rosolino, trombone
Scott LaFaro, bass
Victor Feldman, piano
Stan Levey, drums
Ruth Price, vocals

credits : Dr.Jellyfish

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