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Barre Phillips - 1976 - Mountainscapes

MP3 CBR 320 kbps 44100 Stereo - 91
FLAC + EAC log + Cue Sheet - 192 MB

Barre Phillips bass
John Surman soprano and baritone saxophones, bass clarinet, synthesizer
Dieter Feichtner synthesizer
Stu Martin drums, synthesizer
John Abercrombie guitar

Mountainscape I ¬ VIII

Recorded March 1976
ECM 1076

Mp3 320 kbps >> 91 mb
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FLAC (Image) >> 192 mb
part 1 || part 2
part 1 || part 2

In 1976 Barre Phillips began recording as a solo artist for ECM Records with Mountainscapes. After admiring the incredibly high recording standard (a constant aspect of ECM recordings), the uniqueness - strangeness, in fact - of the music was just striking.

The song titles indicate that this is actually a suite - each track is essentially another interpretation of the central theme that Phillips & Co had in mind. Whether the bass was bowed or plucked, the track rhythmic or contemplative, images of storms, sunrise, sunset, loss and wandering all came to mind. When the final track is kicking off with a chugging, repeated bass riff and the drums find the rhythym, the great surprise is the appearance of John Abercrombie playing in a style I've not heard since from him - fast, precise, so effective.

It is expensive, obscure, hard to find...but give it a try and be amazed!

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