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Charlie Haden and The Liberation Music Orchestra - "Dream Keeper" 1990

Charlie Haden & The Liberation Music Orchestra: Dream Keeper
Jazz | 1990 | PT 48:40 | APE+Cue | 263 Mb | Artwork

1. Dream Keeper (16:51) [words by Langston Hughes]
- Dream Keeper - Part I [Carla Bley]
solo: Charlie Haden
- Feliciano Ama [trad. from El Salvador]
solo: Tom Harrell
- Dream Keeper - Part II [Carla Bley]
- Canto del Pilon (I) [trad. from Venezuela]
solos: Ken McIntyre, Don Alias
- Dream Keeper - Part III [Carla Bley]
- Canto del Pilon (II) [trad. from Venezuela]
solo: Juan Lazzaro Mendolas
- Hymn Of The Anarchist Women's Movement [trad. from Spanish Civil War]
solos: Joe Daley, Paul Motian
- Dream Keeper - Part IV [Carla Bley]
solo: Tom Harrell

2. Rabo De Nube (Tail of the Tornade) (5:23) [Silvio Rodriguez, Ediciones Quiroga]
solos: Mick Goodrick, Joe Lovano(left), Dewey Redman(right)

3. Nkosi Sikelel'i Afrika (Anthem of the African National Congress) (10:31) [Enoche Sontonga]
solos: Ken McIntyre, Dewey Redman

4. Sandino (6:39) [Charlie Haden]
solos: Charlie Haden, Tom Harrell, Sharon Freeman, Mick Goodrick

5. Spiritual (8:59) [Charlie Haden]
dedicated to Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers and Malcolm X
solos: Ray Anderson, Branford Marsalis, Charlie Haden, Amina Claudine Myers

Carla Bley conductor
Charlie Haden bass
Dewey Redman tenor saxophone (on 2,3,4)
Joe Lovano tenor saxophone, flute
Branford Marsalis tenor saxophone (on 1,2)
Ken McIntyre alto saxophone
Tom Harrell trumpet, flugelhorn
Earl Gardner trumpet
Sharon Freeman french horn
Ray Anderson trombone
Joe Daley tuba
Amina Claudine Myers piano
Mick Goodrick guitar
Paul Motian drums
Don Alias percussion
Juan Lazzaro Mendolas pan pipes, wood flute (on 2)
The Oakland Youth Chorus chorus (on 1,5)
Elizabeth Min director

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